Genset Honda EG5000Cx

Genset Honda EG5000CX

Nama Genset
Merk Honda
Type EG5000CX
Generator Frekwensi AC 50 Hz
Voltage Out put AC 220 V
Rated AC Output 4.0 kVA
Output maximum AC 4.5 kVA
Output DC 12V-8.3 A
Mesin Model GX 340
Tipe OHV
Isi silinder 337 cc
Sistem Penyalaan Recoil
Tenaga Output max (3600 rpm) 6.1 Kw (11 PS)
Kapasitas bahan bakar 25 liter
Waktu operasi (jam) 10
Operating Noise Level (7 m) 70 dB
Dimensi Panjang X Lebar X Tinggi 680 X 510 X 540
Berat kering 82 kg

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