Genset Honda EG6500CXs

Genset Honda EG6500CXS

Genset Honda

Nama Genset
Merk Honda
Type EG6500CXS
Generator Frekwensi AC 50 Hz
Voltage Out put AC 220 V
Rated AC Output 5.0 kVA
Output maximum AC 5.5 kVA
Output DC 12V-8.3 A
Mesin Model GX 390
Tipe OHV
Isi silinder 389 cc
Sistem Penyalaan Recoil & Electric
Tenaga Output max (3600 rpm) 9.6 Kw (13 PS)
Kapasitas bahan bakar 25 liter
Waktu operasi (jam) 9,2
Operating Noise Level (7 m) 72 dB
Dimensi Panjang X Lebar X Tinggi 850 X 510 X 540
Berat kering 89 Kg

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